River Sand

About River Sand

River Sand is tan-colored, washed sand that contains no pebbles or stones. The main use is for topdressing in lawns.

Topdressing is a thin layer that sits on top of the thatch on which grasses grow. The most effective treatment to control the excessive accumulation of thatch in the root zone is to treat the area with a Topdressing. Topdressing accelerates the decomposition of thatch buildup and reverses its negative effects. It also helps level surfaces, improves drainage, and alleviates problems with acidic, compacted clays.

Sold by the ton

The coverage for this product is approximately 100-sq/ ft at a depth of 2” per ton.

Our river sand is natural sand that is not made from crushing rock. It is composed of natural quartz (silica) grains. We test all our river sand to make sure it provides a higher degree of hardness and durability in comparison to other sand providers.

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River Sand


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